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2 PRINTS SPECIAL Birkat Habayit (Hebrew) and Home Blessing (English)

2 PRINTS SPECIAL Birkat Habayit (Hebrew) and Home Blessing (English)

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A home blessing is an ancient tradition that invites positive energy into your home.
Bless your home and everyone in it with love, harmony, joy, health, peace, and prosperity.
It's a beautiful tradition and would make a great gift and addition to any home.

2 prints for a special price. Hebrew and English versions.
See the Hebrew transliterations here at the bottom.

Made to order. 2 fine art (“giclée”) prints based on original digital illustrations. Printed on smooth, matte paper. It will be carefully rolled and shipped in a triangular mailing tube. Please note that a frame is NOT included!

*Images of size show only one design but you will get two different designs.

Created & illustrated by @EleyOri

Ye'vorach Ze Habbayit (May this home be blessed)
BeBirkat Shamayim (In the blessing of the heavens and sky)
Ve'haya Ke'Etch Shatol Al Pilgey Mayim (May it be as a tree planted by streams of water)
Ahavah (love) Reut (friendship) Ve' Shashon (Happiness) Bo eas'Kenoo (will dwell in it)
Parnasa (livelihood, abundance) Hatzlacha (Sucess) Ve' Shalom (and Shalom) Bo Yechono (will come to be in it)
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