My Story

שלום וברוכים הבאים Shalom ve' Bruchim Habayim

Shalom! My name is Eleyor (Ori) Snir and I am the founder of EleyOri.

Born and raised in Israel, I grew up on a Kibbutz with my 8! siblings and spent most of my time dreaming, drawing and seeking new ways of creating. Inspired and encouraged by my mother, Mirik Snir, a well known children’s poet, I quickly developed my skills as an artist. I attended Vital Art Institute in Tel-Aviv where I majored in illustration and design. By the time I was 20 years old, my illustrations were published in a number of children’s books and were recognized and awarded around the world. You can see some of the books here.

I moved to Canada with my husband and 4 children in 2015 and built our home in  beautiful Nelson BC. I create from my home studio on the hill.

With my illustrations and lettering, I aim to unite traditional Judaic motifs with contemporary themes, balancing the two into one piece of art. I enjoy integrating Hebrew text in my art, combining the beauty of the letters and the essence of their messages with illustrations and art.

I truly hope that my creations will bring you inspiration, blessings, and joy.

Toda תודה for being here

Best wishes, Ori