Ve'ahavta Letova Charity Campaign

“Ve'ahavta”- started out of a deep calling to make a difference through creation.

Out of hope to create a moral and respectful society here, a society that cares for all its members whomever they are, that respects others and the environment, and that never forgets the heart.

“Ve'ahavta” project started during the Covid pandemic and has been running since once a year. In the campaign, we sell products with positive and enlightening messages from our Jewish ancestry with illustrations by Eleyor Snir. 

The campaign was founded by the sisters Eleyor Snir and Tahin Snir, and is now led by EleyOri and six more women who volunteer their time to make a difference and do good.

All the proceeds from the products we offer in the campaign are donated to charities. 

In the first campaign we raised more than 180,000 NIS for Holocaust survivors. In the second campaign we raised more than 280,000 NIS for Women at risk. And in the third campaign we raised more than 320,000 NIS for children with special needs and children at risk.

Some of the products from the campaign are packed in a center that hires special young people with special needs.

Please visit our website and consider supporting us in the next campaign. Feel free to contact me directly for any questions or suggestions. Ori

Ve'ahavta Website (Hebrew only for now)