Collection: Felt and Embroidery Art

I was always drawn to natural felt material and after making some toys for my kids and embroidering little felt pieces, I thought it might be a good medium to try and create my own art with.

When I finished my first felt design, finally knew I have found my home… In my felt artwork, I combine all my life and professional experience, all my art skills and passion into works of great details and colours.

Slowly and patiently I work, gradually adding more pieces, combining and embroidering all the pieces together. Gradually the art manifests before me. It’s truly magic!

Things usually change and evolve between my original thoughts and the final product, but in a way, it teaches me to trust the art process that happening through me and not always controlled by me, exactly like in life :-)

Custom original applique and other fine art pieces by Eleyor Snir are made to order. For more details, get in touch. 



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