About EleyOri

I was born 45 years ago on a Kibbutz in the Jordan Valley to a large and diverse family ( I am the fourth of nine children 🙂 )
I was very fortunate to spend my childhood daydreaming, drawing, and constantly seeking new ways to express my creativity. Inspired and encouraged by my mother, a well-known children’s poet, I quickly developed my skills as an artist.
I majored in illustration and design at the Vital Art Institute in Tel Aviv for three years. By the time I was 20 years old, my illustrations were published in a number of children’s books and were recognized and awarded around the world.

After becoming a mother myself, my artistic focus changed and I started designing and producing children’s apparel. I developed a brand called “Petel” that specialized in children’s clothing featuring unique and playful patterns that celebrated childhood and made use of ethically sourced soft, durable natural fabrics.
Later I had a business designing and creating unique weddings in nature.
I have enjoyed all the activities that included a lot of creative freedom, which are all ways of expression for me.

However, family time got shorter and I started missing it, the pressure was up, my health deteriorated and I have finally decided to take a few steps back, give up everything and go back to art with the joy of heart and not out of necessity.

I became aware that there was no better time than now and I made the decision to change my life, move to a different place, get a different perspective, focus on the family, and just create freely.

Five years ago, I moved with my husband and four children (Sol, 18; Eliana, 16; Gala, 14; and Emilya, 10) to Nelson, BC, and I’ve been here since, creating visual inspirations from my home studio (which also functions as my kid’s playroom :-)) ever since.

In the last years, I have developed my own embroidery on felt applique technique and I started offering my art as prints, home blessings, greeting cards, Ketubot and visual inspirations.

I truly hope that my art speaks to your heart and I’m very happy and excited to be able to share it all with you.

Thank you for being here.
Best wishes always,

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