My first blog post ever and nice to meet you :-)

I’m Eleyor (Ori for short),
A children’s book illustrator turned children’s fashion designer turned wedding designer that always remained an artist. Beyond my multitude of professions, I am a full time mama to one boy and three girls, a partner to my highschool sweetheart and always a creator. I just can’t stop my hands from making, doing and crafting all day long. read more

in my mind I have been writing this blog for the longest time.
I wrote about life,
about family, traditions and roots.
I wrote about childhood, about becoming a mother and all that had happened in between as my family grew.
I made lots of crafts and arts and took million of photographs that I planned to one day post on my blog.
I made up and tasted so many recipes that I hoped somebody (besides just us) will enjoy one day.
I wrote from my heart (and only inside my heart) about life as I know it.
I’m so excited to share this now with you.

From the beginning-
I was born in 1975
I grew up on a kibbutz in Israel, 4th in a family of 9 children.
As a child, I was always busy drawing and making things,
day dreaming beautiful worlds with rainbows, flowers and happy smiling faces.
I and everybody around me, knew that I’m going to be some kind of artist one day.

The big question to me was what kind of artist am I?
I did end up learning Graphic Design and Illustration but never practiced only that.
For years I tried to decide and make up my mind,
What am I?
I was drawn to so many fields and wanted to express my creativity with all the mediums I knew and was always eager to learn more.

So I started illustrating children’s books, mostly for my very own talented poet mother that writes the most wonderful poetry and stories.
I did that for a few years and in between became a mother to my Sol.
2 yrs later Eliana came, after 2 yrs Gala joined
And here I was a young mama to 3 toddlers between the ages of 0-4.
when the kids were so young and needed all my time and attention, it was hard to find my quiet zone to create. All my creativity was focused towards the house and kids.
I made toys for them, designed their playroom and when I couldn’t find any suitable clothes for them, I started to design and saw. Without any formal skills, I created little dresses, bonnets, overalls and many more designs.
My desire to make and sew more grew as the children were growing and I had a bit more time.
In 2008 I opened “Petel”-,launched a website and started selling online and in local shops.
Designing kids apparel was very satisfying to me and did let me express my creativity in different ways.
I was very busy with Petel for a couple of years until Emilia-Libbi joined us in 2010 and I decided to close Petel and concentrate on being a full time mama again.
There’s more
I did continue to design and sew some cloth for my family, illustrate and design when I had some time in between and just express my creativity wherever I could, so when my sister asked me to plan and decorate her wedding, I was happy to do it.
At the process I remembered that this too was my dream once…
and it felt like the time to pursue it. So I did.
I ended up creating many beautiful weddings for three years. Designing, drawing, painting, building and making small details and also huge complicated scenes, working long night and waking up in strange hours to drive all over the country, seeing something in my mind and fulfilling it in reality. It was very powerful but also took it’s toll on my health and my family.

After being diagnosed with a tumor, having surgery and having no other choice but to slow down and think what now,
I realized all of this was just a bit (or maybe more) too much. A change must have to take place.
It was very scary, dark and uncertain.
I finally realized that I have to give up certain things and start a new beginning.

New beginning
After a year of getting ready inside and out, we packed 6 suitcases and on July 2 2015 we drove into Nelson B.C.Canada.
My dreams were:
To have lots of time with my family
To be healthy and peaceful
To build a home
To create create create!

It’s not the end
In our new home in the mountains I find the peace.
to dream new creations,
to be.
Some dreams will manifest, some will evolve and change with time and me,
I hope you will catch some of them
Create some for your own
Be grateful and content
Along the journey
And mostly within you

Thank you for being and reading, seeing and making,
Much love and blessings,


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